Original HuggyHoundz by Donna Allen
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Huggyhoundz and Huggypuppiez are made from soft fleece or felt fabric, with safety eyes, fleece noses and fire retardant stuffing. The larger size hound is approximately 16 inches tall and 20 inches from nose to tail. The puppy size hound is approximately 10 inches tall and 12 inches from nose to tail. We are happy to incorporate your own hounds’ colouring as a variation to the standard colours and styles shown, please message us for custom orders.

Black HuggyHound
Black HuggyPuppy
Black Tripod
Black Tripod HuggyHound
Black Tripod HuggyPuppy
Brindle HuggyHound
Brindle HuggyPuppy
Brindle in Tuxedo
Brindle in Tuxedo HuggyHound
Brindle in Tuxedo HuggyPuppy
Fawn HuggyHound
Fawn HuggyPuppy
Felt Santa Paws 
Felt Santa Paws HuggyHound
Felt Santa Paws HuggyPuppy
Grey HuggyHound
Grey HuggyPuppy
Grey Felt
Grey Felt HuggyHound
GreyFelt HuggyPuppy
Grey Lurcher 
Grey Lurcher HuggyHound
Grey Lurcher HuggyPuppy
Licac Tartan 
Licac Tartan HuggyHound
Licac Tartan HuggyPuppy
Sleeping Greyhound 
Sleeping HuggyHound
Sleeping HuggyPuppy
Tan HuggyHound
Tan HuggyPuppy
Tan Tuxedo
Tan Tuxedo HuggyHound
Tan Tuxedo Greyhound HuggyPuppy
White Tripod
White Tripod HuggyHound
White Tripod HuggyPuppy
Xmas Elf
Xmas Elf HuggyHound
Xmas HuggyPuppy